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10 Economic Terms Related To Investing

10 Economic Terms Related To Investing


When a novice is investing, it is inevitable that they will be puzzled by encountering some professional terms! Do you know what these economic terms related to investment mean? How many do you know? Do you understand its real meaning? Let’s see how much you know right now!

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Backdoor Listing

A company fails to meet exchange listing requirements, buys a listed company, incorporates itself into it and enables itself to go public

Basket Purchase

Buy a group of assets at one price. However, when billing, each item can be billed individually.

Bear Trap

When a stock falls, there is a lot of selling, and then the price rises.

Bottom Fisher

Look for commodity or stock investors whose prices have bottomed out and are about to turn a corner. In some cases, a person who purchases the stocks or bonds of a bankrupt or near-bankrupt organization.

Fallen Angle

High-priced securities of large corporations have suffered a sudden drop in prices due to some negative news.

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Graveyard Market

Is one in which bearish sentiment persists, causing existing investors to sell and new investors to stay on the sidelines.

Lame Duck

Speculators who risk failure or insolvent people in stock trading。

Shark Watcher

Companies that specialize in observing and monitoring takeover activity.

Turtle Blood

Securities that are illiquid and unlikely to appreciate quickly.

White Elephant

Assets that require high maintenance costs that are not actually profitable, or assets for which loss is a foregone conclusion.

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