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Can The Nasdaq Bullish Maintain Stability?lowest forex commission

U.S. Data Is Now Dawning, Can The Nasdaq Bullish Maintain Stability?

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How to interpret the short-term decline of the Nasdaq?
【Operation suggestion】
Conservatives wait and see for the time being. Activist investors suggest to go long after price rise and break 13960, with Target 14162, and Stop-Loss by 13833.
On the 24th, after Russia launched the war of invading Ukraine, the price trend of the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell under pressure, and Western countries successively developed sanctions against Russia. U.S. economic data has gradually improved. Last week, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits (10,000 people) reported a value of 23.2, which was lower than the market expectation of 23.5. The improvement in unemployment data pushed the Nasdaq to rebound. However, there is still a number of data to be released in the evening in the United States, and investors should continue to pay attention to the financial calendar. In the short-term, conservatives can wait for stabilization, and the activists could go long with light positions.
In the one-hour chart, the probability of the K-line trend completes a multiple bottom rebound pattern, which is conducive to short-term bullish layout. The KD indicator is volatile at high position and trend bullish are waiting for the opportunity to intervene. The overall probability is a fluctuate and rebound trend.
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