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CHINA300 Is Expected To Bottom Up-malaysia forex trading time

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PBOC Announced To Interest Rate Cut, CHINA300 Is Expected To Bottom Up

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-PBOC Announced To Interest Rate Cut, CHINA300 Is Expected To Bottom Up_Technical Analysis

PBOC Declared To Launch The ¥700 Bllion MLF & ¥100 Billion Reverse Repurchase, Bringing Momentum To The Stock Market.
Investors are recommended to consider marginal Long at market price, Target 4840, Stop-Loss by 4700.
The newly announced Q4 GDP(YoY) of China recorded 4.0%, which was better than the expected 3.6%, and the annual GDP growth rate in 2021 scored with 8.1%, boosted market sentiment to roar. The People’s Bank of China(PBOC) has recently announced that in order to maintain liquidity in the market, the package of ¥700 Billion MLF will be launched from now on, coupling with ¥100 Billion Reverse Repurchase operation would be adopt. This resulted with both of which have dropped by 10 basis points over the interest rate. As consequences, these are expected to bring addition momentum to the stock market. Overall, CHINA300 is expected to stabilize the upside in the short term.
In 60Mins range, (5,10,20)Tri-MAs tangles on low ground, 5MA up-crossed 10MA forming the golden-cross. MACD shown Bullish reversal. KD golden-crossing around 20. In short, CHINA300 is forecast to perform the rebound, and Investors could consider operating with Bargain-Hunt High-Throw strategy towards Long position for the best possible interest.
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