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DJ30 Bears Menacing-lowest forex commission

Putin Throws Shocking Message, DJ30 Bears Menacing

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Russia May Result With Countless Sanctions, What’s The Outlook For DJ30?
Aggressors are recommended to consider High-Throw for Short position when rebounded till around 33870, Take-Profit at 33034, Stop-Loss by 34287.
Non-Aggressors are advice to wait for more secure entry.
Russian President V.Putin officially signed the recognition of the separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic, and the Luhansk People’s Republic. Seeing that Putin’s determination to invade has become a reality, the Western countries will quickly resort to various sanctions, what made DJ30’s buying confidence to shiver, the market continued to monitor to the content of the United Nations Security Council meeting held today. But for now, due to the negative sentiment remains in dominance in DJ30, hence, would suggest Investors to take Bearish operations as the main idea during the day, for the best possible interstate.
In 4Hrs range, the candlestick has completed the multi-tops correction pattern, which has assured the Bearish outlook for DJ30 for the time being. Moreover, KD downtrend, attracting Sellers to seek for the opportunity to enter. Overall, a strong and swaying Bear trend for DJ30.
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