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U.S. And Russian Relations Deteriorated, DJ30 Gains Capped

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U.S. And Russian Relations Have Deteriorated Again, DJ30 Bullish-side Decrease
Operation Suggestions
Short-term trend become weakens, investors are suggested to trade with a buy order when the price in low position as main operation suggestion, trade when the price around 31490, stop loss on 33990, take profit on 34620.
Regarding the war in Eastern Europe, Western countries continue to introduce sanctions against Russia. Russia also started to fight back recently, saying that due to its distrust of the euro and the dollar, natural gas exported to “unfriendly countries” needs to be paid in Rubles. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced the expulsion of some U.S. diplomats, which brought the U.S. and Russian relationship into a freezing point since the Cold War, and the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia continued to stalemate. This has suppressed the optimism in the recent market, and short-term risk aversion and panic will be less favorable for the DJ30, or it may cause DJ30 to show in a volatile trend.
Technical aspect
In the daily K-line chart, 5MA goes flat and 20MA up, the sub-indicator MACD neutral. In the 4-hour K-line chart, 5MA cross down 20MA, KD is biased towards the bearish side. In the 60minutes K-line chart, 5MA and 20MA down, KD indicator neutral. Short-term trend become weakens, or will in a volatile trend.
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