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DJ30  Nudges Up-lowest forex commission

Apple Sent Bull News, DJ30  Nudges Up

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lowest forex commission-HXFXglobal-Apple Sent Bull News, DJ30  Nudges Up_Technical Analysis

Q4 For U.S. GDP(QoQ) Far Exceeded Forecast,  Economy Recovered Strongly, Boosting DJ30
Aggressors are recommended to consider marignal Long after pullback to 33884, Target 34557, Stop-Loss by 33545.
Non-Aggressors are advice to await for better entry.
In early trading today, DJ30 fell slightly and fluctuated around -0.25%. Last night, as the number of Americans Initial Jobless Claim last week recorded with 260,000, which was in line with expectations and lower than the previous value, the number of unemployed continued to decrease, and the US economic outlook was optimistic, boosting the stock market. Coupled with the fact that the U.S. GDP recorded a quarterly rate of 6.9% in Q4, far exceeding expectations, DJ30 recouped the early losses and closed with 0.55% up. In the market outlook, Apple, a heavyweight component in DJ30, released its Q1 financial report for the 2022 fiscal year after the market. Not only did its revenue hit a record high, but its profit exceeded $30 billion for the first time in history, setting a new single-quarter record. Shares rose 5% in after-hours trading, bullish on the DJ30. Accompany with the oil price roaring, favoring the energy and transportation sectors of the DJ30 to rise, making the investors to look long on DJ30 for the near future.
In 4Hrs range, 5MA on climb and golden-crossing the declining 10MA, 20MA uptrend. Candlestick rebound to the vicinity of 20MA with vacillation. MACD show gradual reductio on positive column. KD flattening. To conclude, the short-term layout over DJ30 is forecast to sway towards Bull.
(Information above is purely personal opinion, and doesn’t represent the platform’s standpoint. This opinion can only be use as reference)

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