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DJ30 Rebound After The Plunge-lowest forex commission

U.S. Treasurer J.Yellen Optimistic On Economic Outlook, DJ30 Rebound After The Plunge

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lowest forex commission-HXFXglobal-U.S. Treasurer J.Yellen Optimistic On Economic Outlook, DJ30 Rebound After The Plunge_Technical Analysis

U.S. Bond Yields Roses, Boosting DJ30’s Financial Sector To Dead-Cat-Bounce, Brought Bull Into DJ30
Aggressors are recommended to consider marginal Long at around 33765, Target 34411, Stop-Loss by 33442.
Non-Aggressors are advised to wait for better entry.
DJ30 fell around -0.95% in early trading today. Due to the fact that Ukrainian troops gathered at the border, and the evacuation of Diplomats and their families from the United Kingdom and the United States who were stationed in Ukraine. The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine was imminent. Funds fled the stock market and invested in USD and Gold as a safe haven. This made DJ30 fell for nearly 4% yesterday. Afterwards, DJ30 recouped its losses as funds bargain-hunted the major tech-stocks on the dips and boosted DJ30 to close with 0.61% up. In the aftermarket, since the blooming US Labor Market in place, and the optimistic attitude revealed from the U.S. Treasurer, J.Yellen, what has both provided additional momentum for DJ30 to exert. In addition, as the new earning season arrives for the US, a survey conducted by legal entities shows that most senior executives of technology companies are optimistic about their company’s medium and long-term prospects, indicating the bullish sentiment for the stock market. This undoubtedly aided DJ30 to extend it’s path on the dead-cat-bounces performed from last night.
In 4Hrs range, (5,10,20)MAs downtrend and sequenced for bear. Candlestick rebounded to the vicinity of 10MA with vacillations. MACD’s negative volume has progressively decreased to about 0. KD uptrend. In short, DJ30 holds great potential to prolong it’s dead-cat-bounce pattern in the near future.
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