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DJ30 Upside With Pressure-which online trading platform is best in malaysia

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Russia-Ukraine Truce Hopes Become Fade, DJ30 Upside With Pressure

which online trading platform is best in malaysia-HXFXglobal-Russia-Ukraine Truce Hopes Become Fade, DJ30 Upside With Pressure_Technical Analysis

Kremlin Has Changed Its Tone On Wednesday, Saying There Had Been No Breakthrough In The Talks And Hopes For A Truce Had Faded.
Operation Suggestions
Investors can test to trade in a sell order with near the current price, target on 35000, stop loss on 35250.
A few days ago, Russia and Ukraine concluded the fifth round of negotiations. Earlier, the Russian side said that the negotiations were very constructive, but Kremlin changed its tune on Wednesday, saying that there was no breakthrough in the negotiations, and hopes for a truce have faded. In the absence of clarity on the war situation between Russia and Ukraine, the problem of inflation is becoming more serious, FED officials said on Wednesday they were open to raising interest rates by 50 basis points in May, as the pace of tightening could accelerate. Looking at the above factors, the trend of DJ30 may maintain a short-term shock and callback.
Technical aspect
In the 60minutes K-line chart, (5,10,20MA) three moving average level tangled, MACD is not strong in bearish ways but still exists to rise, RSI operates in around 50. Looking at the above indicators, DJ30 may rebound slightly in the short term, but the overall probability to continue callback is high. Investors are advised to test with a sell order in light positions when the price rebound.
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