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EURUSD Could Roar With It-malaysia forex trading time

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ECB Optimistic About The Economy, EURUSD Could Roar With It

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-ECB Optimistic About The Economy, EURUSD Could Roar With It_Technical Analysis

The recovery of domestic demand and employment is expected to offset the negative impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is conducive to the continued rebound of EURUSD.
【Operation suggestion】
Aggressors can bargain hunting at 1.0965, Target 1.1020, Stop-Loss by 1.0942. Stable investors could wait for short-term stability.
The euro zone announced yesterday that the March ZEW economic sentiment index was -38.7, lower than expected and the previous value. It shows that economic sanctions brought about by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine may lead to obstacles in the supply chain and more serious price increases, making the market pessimistic about the European economic outlook. However, after the Russian-Ukraine negotiation entered the third round, the Ukrainian official stated that the Russian-Ukraine negotiator negotiated by video meeting every day, and both two sides were already discussing the agreement to be signed in the future, and the war did not escalate further. In addition, the president of the European Central Bank(ECB) emphasized yesterday that although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine may push up inflation and drag down economic development. However, due to the solid domestic demand in the European region and the strong growth of the labor market, the economy will continue to grow this year, which is favorable for EURUSD continue to rebound.
Day K closed higher, below 5, 10, 20, 60MA, the short-term is a weak shock form. In the 1H level K-line, KD rises after gold crosses, MACD turns into a positive column, the incline energy is strengthened, and there may be continuous rebound energy in the short-term. It is suggested to bargain hunting when the price pulls back with light positions.
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