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Russia Invades Ukraine, EURUSD Go Downhill

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Russian President Vladimir Putin commanded the army to enter Ukraine for military operations, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out.
Operation Suggestion
Investors are suggested to short at current price with light positions, Target 1.1200, Stop-Loss by 1.1270.
As Ukraine entered a state of emergency, Russian President Vladimir Putin commanded the army to enter Ukraine to carry out military operations, explosions were heard in many cities in Ukraine, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has fully erupted. The geopolitical risks in Eastern Europe led to soaring panic in the market, which was negative for the euro, and funds poured into the US dollar and gold for safe haven, pushing up the US dollar to rise sharply. Therefore, the probability of EURUSD continuous drop with volatility is high in the short-term.
60-minute level chart, (5, 10, 20MA) three moving averages are in a bearish arrangement, MACD bearish strength is still stable, RSI is running below 50. According to the above indicators, EURUSD might continue to decline in the short-term. Investors are suggested to go short with light positions when rally.
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