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Focus FED Interest Hike, EURUSD Teeters

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ECB Members Insists No Interest Hike Would Adopt In 2022, EURUSD Got Restrained
Investors are recommended to consider marginal and short-term Short position around 1.1328, Take-Profit at 1.1282, Stop-Loss by 1.1345.
Earlier data showed that in the week ended January 15, the number of Initial Jobless Claims in the United States recorded 286,000, with an unexpected increase of 55,000 from the previous value. The worse than expected outcome made USD once vacillated. However, the officers from European Central Bank(ECB) has stated that it is impossible to raise interest rates in 2022, and the continuing dovish standpoint from ECB has made EURUSD to rebound after the fluctation. In addition, the latest analysis by Goldman Sachs shows that the current inflation rate is at the highest level in the past 40 years, and the acceleration of inflation may force FED to raise their interest rates more radical than the market expected in this year, and the current environment seems to constitute even greater resistance in EURUSD than everyone forecast.
In 4Hrs range, 5 & 10MAs in consolidation. KD consolidates after the rebound. MACD’s positive column in convergence with DIFF & DEA consolidating. Bollinger Median Band holds resistance. EURUSD would most likely to go ups and downs in short-term. While market price ascend would encounter the greater pressure, therefore, would suggest Investors to consider Short-term Short position for the time being, for the best possible interest.
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