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FED Sent Hawk-which online trading platform is best in malaysia

which online trading platform is best in malaysiaHXFXglobal reminds you:

FED Sent Hawk, Bull In EURUSD Pulling Out

which online trading platform is best in malaysia-HXFXglobal- FED Sent Hawk, Bull In EURUSD Pulling Out_Technical Analysis

FED Stated The Potential To Raise Interest Early, Selling Pressure Emerged On EURUSD
Investors are suggested to consider to High-Throw EURUSD for Short position at 1.1312, Take-Profit at 1.1278, Stop-Loss by 1.1338.
ADP NonFarm Employment has reached the greatest outcome in the last 7 months, what represents the latest Omicron surges hasn’t really impaired the willingness of people to return to work. Meanwhile, FED expressed, accompany with the uprising inflation rate and the improvement on employment rate, could made action on raising interest to be in effect. This made the market starts to re-evaluate the timing on raising interest, yet, came up with about 80% of likelihood to be implement by March. The Hawkish statement and the prevailing employment data have brought USD back to the gap of 96, and constructed the selling pressure on top. If tomorrow’s legit NonFarm Payroll also scored with excellence, then could hammer EURUSD once again.
In Daily range, 5MA declines, 20MA flatten, KD apt Bear. In 4Hrs range, 5 & 20MAs sinking, KD neutral. In 60Mins range, 5 & 20MAs down-bent, KD prone Bear. In short, the prospect of EURUSD is in weak state and do holds the potential for further depreciation.
(Information above is purely personal opinion, doesn’t represent platform’s standpoint. This opinion can only be use as reference)

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