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GBPUSD Volatile & Rose Steadily-malaysia forex trading time

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U.S. Bond Yields Plummeted, Dragging Down The Dollar, GBPUSD Volatile & Rose Steadily

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-U.S. Bond Yields Plummeted, Dragging Down The Dollar, GBPUSD Volatile & Rose Steadily_Technical Analysis

Inflationary pressures in the United Kingdom have intensified, and the market’s expectations for the Bank of England to raise interest rates have increased, which is bullish for GBPUSD.
【Operation suggestion】
Conservative investors wait and see. Aggressors are suggested to consider marginal long at  1.35691 with light position, target 1.36030 and Stop-loss by 1.35510.
During today’s Asian session, according to market sources, Ukrainian government forces bombarded pro-Russian armed rebel groups, tensions between Russia and Ukraine re-emerged, risk aversion intensified, the US dollar rebounded sharply, and the US dollar index once soared above the 96.0 mark. However, in the market outlook, there were no more hawkish surprises in the minutes of the Fed meeting released early this morning, which weighed on the dollar. The yield of the 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds fell by more than 2.5% in early trading today, and fell below the 2.0% mark, which affected the dollar and the dollar weakened and fell back below the 96.0 mark. On the other hand, for the pound, as the Bank of England has raised interest rates twice in a row recently, but because the annual rate of CPI in the United Kingdom continued to hit as high as 5.5% in January, the market’s expectations for further interest rate hikes in the United Kingdom have increased, boosting the pound. The bullish trend of the pound and the United States remains unchanged.
GBPUSD 4-hour level, 5, 10, 20MA upward and showing a long arrangement. The K-line retraced and oscillated around the 5MA, showing a positive line. The MACD column is slightly decreasing, and KD is falling.  In the short term, it’s shown as a pullback trend.
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