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GBPUSD’s Rebound Can Be Expected-lowest forex commission

Market Panic Sentiment Cools Down, GBPUSD’s Rebound Can Be Expected

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malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Market Panic Sentiment Cools Down, GBPUSD’s Rebound Can Be Expected_Technical Analysis

Fears Of A Large-Scale War Languished After The U.S. Government Announced Sanctions On Russia
Investors are suggested to consider marginal Long at market price, Target 1.3625, Stop-Loss by 1.3570.
The deputy governor of the Bank of England hinted on Tuesday that their monetary policy will be further tightened, and interest rates will continue to be moderately raised in the next few months. The monetary policy is becoming more and more hawkish, which is good for the pound. On the other hand, after the US government announced the first wave of sanctions against Russia, the market’s worries of a large-scale war have been suspended, the risk aversion has cooled, and made the USD to turned weak again. Overall, the probability of short-term fluctuations in GBPUSD is foreseen.
In 60Mins range, (5,10,20)Tri-MAs twisted. MACD’s longing momentum marginally reduced, but remain stable. RSI stabilized on top of 50. To conclude, GBPUSD shown stabilization phenomenon, and would recommend Investors to consider marginal Long for the time being.
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