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Gold May Rise In Fluctuation-lowest forex commission

The Fed’s Interest Rate Decision Is Coming Soon, Gold May Rise In Fluctuation

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Many analysts believe that although rising Treasury yields will continue to put gold prices in resistance, the gold market as an inflation hedge is still bullish due to the recent intensified inflation and the weakening of the USD. Coupled with the rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine and Russia, adding to market concerns, analysts believe that there will certainly be safe-haven funds pouring into the gold market this week. This week will usher in the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, and the gold market is expected to be volatile.
The trend of gold can be paid attention to the Fed interest rate meeting at 03:00 on this Thursday(1/27), US jobless claims for the week to January 22 at 21:30, and US December core Price Index Annual Rate(PCE) on Friday(1/28), will affect the trend of gold, and investors must seize the opportunity to place orders.
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