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Inflation and epidemic hit the economy! Has your income shrunk?

Inflation and epidemic hit the economy! Has your income shrunk?

In recent years, the world is facing the ravages of the COVID-19, severe economic inflation, and the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which have had a chain reaction on the global economy, Malaysia is no exception. Malaysia’s inflation rate rose by 2.8% in May this year, well above the 1.9% average inflation rate for the 2011-2022/2 period. The rise in food prices is the deepest impact. In Malaysia, a cup of KOPI O used to only cost about RM1.5, but now it has risen to about RM2.8, an increase of 87%! However, the actual salary increase is far from keeping up with the soaring prices, which can be said to be a drop in the bucket, which undoubtedly brings a great burden to the people! And none of these problems will go away anytime soon, how to change the current unprofitable income is a question that contemporary people should ponder!

Investing is the beginning of creating and changing income, but if you are a novice who knows nothing about investing, I believe you will still be hesitant to wait and see! Want to change but can’t move forward? Don’t worry! Accumulate passive income from 0, it’s not too late to know now!

No idea about investing? “It’s okay to start from 0”

I believe that many newbies hold the idea of “I have no concept of investment, what should I do if I lose money?”, so they are afraid to invest. But if you don’t put in the actual action, how can you gain anything? Do you want to live on the hard-earned money you earn by working from 9 to 5 every day?

It doesn’t matter if you start from 0, HXFX will take you to understand the basics of investment from scratch, starting from this moment! HXFX will regularly update all kinds of small knowledge about investment, and transform the basic knowledge of investment into interesting content. Let even a novice with 0 foundation can quickly grasp the investment key points, whether it is fundamental or technical, as long as you understand it, it is half the battle!

“Newbie’s big doubt!” Buy Long then drop, buy Short then rise?

The market is ups and downs, and many investors believe that as long as they do their homework and enter the market, they will be foolproof! But it is plentiful in ideal, and scratched by what is real. Inevitably, there will be situations where buying Long then downs, and buying Short then ups. Even famous investor Buffett has encountered it, and what about inexperienced novices?

So, don’t worry about it! HXFX has a professional analyst team to provide the latest daily market quotations, important data analysis and trading strategy recommendations, allowing customers to accurately grasp the daily market trend. Inexperienced novice investors can refer to the opinions of professional analysts and hone their practical operations. While practicing practical operation, coupled with the basic knowledge of investment in daily learning, as long as you gradually find a strategy that suits you, you will soon be able to open the door to financial freedom!

“The big pain point for the petty bourgeoisie!” How to counterattack with insufficient funds?

Global inflation, everything is rising, and the salary is fixed and unchanged, how can there be additional funds for investment? But, who said that investing has to be a lot of money? Are small investments bound to fail?

It’s maybe not! At HXFX, you can activate your account to participate in investment with as little as $100! New customers can also receive a trial bonus, allowing new investors to experience trading for free and accumulate investment experience, deposit can also enjoy high deposit bonuses, trading rewards and other rich rewards, all are waiting for you! Realize the counterattack plan of petty bourgeoisie with small investment for customers!

If you aren’t going to change it now, when are you waiting for?Change passive income, start with the “first step”! Give yourself a chance to challenge!!

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