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How Can Investors Respond To The Trend On NASDAQ?lowest forex commission

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U.S. Dept. of Foreign Affairs Informed This Hazard, How Can Investors Respond To The Trend On NASDAQ?

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NASDAQ On Bumpy Slide, What Does Analyst Recon?

Aggressors are recommended to consider Short position around 13945, Take-Profit at 13403, Stop-Loss by 14146.
Non-Aggressors are advice to wait and see for better entry.
The continuous conflicts on the border of Ukraine, Ukrainian Gov. forces & Eastern separatists continue to fire on each other, which has attracted attention from all parties. US President J.Biden insisted that Russian President V.Putin has already made up his mind to invade Ukraine, causing panic in the global market. The US-Russian relationship has gradually changed after Russia expelled the deputy US representative in Russia. The US Foreign Ministry recently told Americans in Russia that they should be prepared to leave Russia at any time. NASDAQ were affected and continued to fluctuate and fell under the influence of panic. Therefore, would suggest Investors to consider Short position as the main idea.
In 1Hr range, the candlestick has completed the doubled-top correction layout that favors to Bear trend. KD downtrend led Sellers to seek for re-entering. Overall, a swaying bearish prospect on NASDAQ is confirmed.
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