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how could the DJ30 can be interpret?lowest forex commission

The United States’ move alarmed all parties, how could the DJ30 can be interpret?

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malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-The United States' move alarmed all parties, how could the DJ30 can be interpret?Technical Analysis

What about the short-term view of the DJ30?  How are the DJ30 going to react?
【Operation suggestion】
For traders who are tend to be more conservatives, the suggestion would be wait and see temporarily. Traders that hungry to make a move during this intense period, we can make a sell order when the price is below 33380. take profit at 32328, and stop loss at 33647.
On Wednesday, the Ukrainian president received a warning from the United States that Russia might launch an invasion within 48 hours. The Ukrainian parliament voted to enter a state of emergency immediately, and it caused the tension of the Russo-Ukrainian War to a highly alert situation. The development of the situation in Russo-Ukrainian War would be huge affections to the market. Please do keep an eye on the Russo-Ukrainian War and it might helps you to prevent the instantaneous fluctuations that causes from the war. Tonight, the indicator of the number of initial jobless claims  last week will be released by the United States at 21:30. A bearish operation is suggested to be make in advance of the indicator released.
【Technical side】
In the H1 chart, the K-line trend has previously completed a double-top callback, which is conducive to a bearish layout. The KD indicator is low and volatile, and there’s an opportunity to make a sell order. The price is in a congestion area, since it’s remain a volatile and declining pattern.
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