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Iran Nuclear Negotiation Restricts Oil Price Rises-lowest forex commission

Iran Nuclear Negotiation Restricts Oil Price Rises, Focus On Russia-Ukraine Situation In This Wee

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Yesterday, as Russia entered two separate areas of Eastern Ukrainian, western countries impose sanctions on Russia, the tensions pushes up oil prices. But the Iranian nuclear talks are expected to progress this week, and the market believes that Iran is likely to increase production, which has limited the rise in oil prices, and oil prices fell before hitting the 100 mark. However, the progress of Russia and Ukraine is still the main factor determining the short-term direction of oil prices. If tensions are not eased, oil prices may further challenge the 100 mark.
The trend of USOil can be paid attention to…
05:30 API Data
21:30 US weekly Unemployment Claims
21:30 US Q4 GDP
00:00 EIA Data
21:30 Annual Rate Of US Core PCE Price Index
23:00 US University Of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index Final Value(FEB)
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