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J30 Fell Into Congestion-trusted trading apps malaysia

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Long & Short News Staggered, DJ30 Fell Into Congestion

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Bull & Bear News Staggered, Restraining The Rebound Strength On DJ30
Investors could consider to conduct High-Throw for Short position at 36230 as the rebound Tendency Progressively Eased, Aiming at 36000, Stop-Loss by 36360.
Yesterday, DJ30 continued its rebound trend, because Powell’s remarks were not as hawkish as the market expected, what prompted the buying to continue to enter. Moreover, the inflation data was in line with market expectations, cleared the further pressure for FED to raise interest rates in advance, but the “iron dove” of FED, L.Brainard,  also said that curbing inflation is the top priority, which means it is imperative for the Fed to raise interest rates, not to mention that, the Beige Book from FED also pointed out that economic optimism in some regions has cooled down, and under the mixed long and short news, the rebound strength has been limited to DJ30, and it may dragged DJ30 into congestion realm again.
In Daily range, 5MA flattening, 20MA on climb, KD neutral. In 4Hrs range, 5 & 20MAs both in flat state, KD neutral. In 60Mins, 5 & 20MAs tangles, KD again shows neutral. In short, the rebound trend has been slow down, and could be an indication for DJ30 may fall into the oscillation in the near future.
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