Malaysia’s TOP 5 Forex Trading Platforms


In recent years, foreign exchange investment has developed rapidly in Malaysia! Many local investors are active in various financial investment tools. But some novices find it hard to determine a good exchange and are scammed with a lot of money!

There was once a 23-year-old young man who was cheated out of RM130K!

As more and more Malaysian forex exchange scams are revealed, more and more people have stereotypes about forex exchange.

Forex Trading = Fraud!

Therefore, to start trading forex, what you need to do first is, to find a reputable exchange to trade with. Finding a reputable exchange can reduce risks. Transparent exchanges can help you make stable long-term investments as well.
Do you know how to choose a suitable and safe exchange?
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Malaysia’s TOP 5 Forex Trading Platforms

IG Markets

IG Markets, founded in London in 1974, is the world’s first broker to offer CFDs as well as the world’s largest and oldest broker. It is a subsidiary of IG Group, a listed company corporation in the United Kingdom and a component of the FTSE 250 Index. Because it is one of the manufacturers with the highest trade volume, IG Markets consistently ranks first to third among all platforms.

Features of IG Markets:

1. 49 years of market experience
2. IG Classroom: Provides interactive courses and live-streaming lectures to help customers
3. Flexible trading among 17,000+ markets
4. Easy-to-use, customizable platform
5. Speedy and reliable transaction execution



OANDA, is established in 1996, as one of the three largest forex exchange exchanges in the United States. It  is headquartered in New York, USA, and has UK, Japan, and Singapore offices. OANDA is located in 8 major financial centers worldwide and possesses 6 major financial regulatory licenses.

Features of OANDA

1. 27 years brand of reputation
2. OANDAlab’s exclusive pending order position data
3. Customers from the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and other countries register accounts on the local website.
4. Rich Analysis Tools
5. 6 major regulatory licenses

HXFX Global

HXFX Global has 12 years of investment service experience, serving over 5,402,918 customers. The total amount of withdrawals has reached 42,172,800, which shows that HXFX Global was now trusted by a lot of investors. Although HXFX Global has won many honorary awards, proving its professionalism and security, HXFX Global continues to work hard on innovation and upgradation to create a more user-friendly trading environment for customers! With its decent service and safe, high bonus, HXFX Global is absolutely suitable for all investors. Highly recommended for you!

Features of HXFX Global

1. 0.06s order execution speed, ensure the stability of customer transactions
2. $20 minimum deposit amount, a little amount of money can make a big profit
3. Supervised and certified by international financial institutions with ultimate security
4. More than 10 kinds of bonus events such as Free $100 Trial Bonus, $2000 New Customers Bonus, Invitation Bonus up to $10,000… etc. You can click here to view more bonus events>>
5. No registration fee and commission fee. Simple and easy to start the journey of wealth
6. Can trade with just only $2, invest at the lowest cost
7. Free withdrawals arrive within 2 hours, fast and safe
8. 24/5 one-on-one professional customer service, the best comrades for customers. Click here to contact our customer services>>
9. Multiple social media sharing exclusive investment tutorials, grow together with beginners. Click here to view more investment tutorials>>
10. Automatic notification of product fluctuations, capturing every profiting key points

XM Group

XM Group was established in 2009 with 14 years of experience operating forex exchange. Customers are from 190 countries and in more than 30 languages. XM often holds various bonus promotions and trading competitions with consultation service online in more than 30 languages.

Features of XM

1. Very low commission/spread
2. Free and 24-hour VPS (Virtual Private Server) service to help increase transaction speed.
3. More than 30 kinds of cryptocurrency CFDs
4. More than 1000 financial instruments
5. Rich deposit and withdrawal options, including WeChat deposit and withdrawal

Think markets

Think markets was established in New Zealand in 2010. In addition to its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and London, England, it also has offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, etc., with millions of registered users worldwide! The biggest advantage of Think Markets is that as long as customers open an account, Think Markets will insure the customer with $1 million to protect and compensate for their rights!

Features of Think markets

1. Five major regulations by the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan, and Singapore
2. Provide $1 million in additional insurance
3. Fast order execution
4. Flexible leverage
5. rich product

How to trade on HXFX?

1. First, click here to register an HXFX account for free.
2. Next, download the APP and log in to complete the real-name authentication.
3. Contact customer service to receive your exclusive free trial bonus.
4. Click “Quote”, select the product you want to trade, then click “Trade”. Then you can click “Sell” or “Buy” to start your trading according to the trends.

5 advantages of foreign exchange trading

1. Leverage system
Investing a small amount of money will bring greater benefits, but may also bring greater risk of loss.
2. Low transaction costs
There are basically no handling fees, government taxes, etc.
3. Two-way transaction
Whether you are buying first and then selling in a bullish trend, or selling first and then buying in a bearish trend, you can get profit.
4. 24 hours trading
It is available in 24 Hours, investors can trade according to their own time.
5. High liquidity
In the foreign exchange market, investors could exchange foreign currency at any time, even complete their transactions in a short time.

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