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Multiple Factors Affecting US Oil Outlook-malaysia forex trading time

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Multiple Factors Affecting US Oil Outlook, How Would The Market React?

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Multiple Factors Affecting US Oil Outlook, How Would The Market React?Technical Analysis

Geopolitical Tension Boosting US Oil To Rebound, How Could Investors Respond?
Aggressors are recommended to consider short-term Long position around 84.60, Take-Profit at 86.20, Stop-Loss by 82.78.
Non-Aggressors are advice to await for better entry.
Tension persist between Ukraine and Russia. Talks between the United States and Russia  earlier has failed. The United States once again imposed economic sanctions on high-ranked Russian officials. The Russian representative pointed out that this did not help the current situation. The army is still menacing, and the risk of armed conflict supported the price of US Oil to appreciate. Meanwhile, OPEC will release its monthly crude oil market report on Tuesday, and the market is waiting for the report to provide guidance on the outlook for crude oil. Due to the effect of the US holiday, investors should be aware of the extreme vacillation phenomenon in the short-term market. Non-Aggressors are advice to wait and see first, and the Aggressors may consider to conduct short-term and marginal Long for the best possible interest.
In 1Hr range, the candlestick shown narrow band oscillations, which would be the best to overlook the pattern. However, if Aggressors are interested to aim great profit, may consider marginal and short-term Long position after the candlestick has restart to complete it’s doubled-bottom rebounding tendency for the time being.
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