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NASDAQ Bears Menacing-malaysia forex trading time

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Hawk Speak From FED, NASDAQ Bears Menacing

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Hawk Speak From FED, NASDAQ Bears Menacing_Technical Analysis

Concerns Of Situation In E.Europe, All Three Major US Indices Hasn’t Escape From The Downtrend
Aggressors are recommended to consider High-Throw around 14400 for NASDAQ, Target 14000, Stop-Loss by 14500.
Non-Aggressors are adviced to wait for better entry after stabilization.
As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is imminent, the three major U.S. indices closed down again, U.S. oil rose by nearly 3%, and gold was also favored by safe-haven buying to around $1,870. the FOMC committee member of FED, J.Bullard, reiterated his wishes to raise interest rates by 100 basis points before July, and began to passively shrink the balance sheet in the Q2; Besides, the other FOMC official, E.George, said that the possible interest rates hike she recognize is by 50 basis points, but will not consecutively raise interest rates between two meetings; On the other hand, the president of Richmond Reserves, T.Barkin, expressed he believes now is the time for the normalization of Fed policy. Overall, the NASDAQ is still on the Bearish run unchanged, hence, would suggest Investors to go along the pattern for the best possible interest.
In the Daily range, the market price is located right next to the Bollinger Lower Band with clear indication of the short-term Bear path. MACD’s longing momentum seems to have nudged down, accompanied with KD declining, which favors Investors who adopt operations apt Short position.
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