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NASDAQ Bow Before Bounces-lowest forex commission

Financial Reports Brought Bull To Heavy Weighted Stocks, NASDAQ Bow Before Bounces

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lowest forex commission-HXFXglobal-Financial Reports Brought Bull To Heavy Weighted Stocks, NASDAQ Bow Before Bounces_Technical Analysis

Geopolitical Tensions Between Russia & Ukraine Could Be Eased By US Mediation, Boosting NASDAQ
Aggressors are recommended to consider marginal Long around 13977, Take-Profit at 14480, Stop-Loss by 13720.
Non-Aggressors are advised to wait for better entry.
Earlier today, NASDAQ nudged down and fluctuated around 0.60%. Since the Federal Reserve announced its January interest rate resolution yesterday, suggesting that interest rates will begin to rise in March, and Fed Chairman J.Powell said at a press conference after the meeting that it is not ruled out that interest rates will be raised at every meeting, U.S. bond yields rose sharply and closed. Worries over the overvalued stock in the NASDAQ hammered the prospect and narrowed its gains. The market outlook is expected to ease due to the geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, as the United States provides a written reply on security, bringing Bull back to the stock market. Moreover, the market has long expected that the Fed will start raising interest rates in March, so the pre-assured outcome has been reflected once before. Last but not least, NASDAQ’s heavyweight component, Intel, Nvidia, etc. rose after the outstanding Q4 financial report. NASDAQ’s Bullish trend remains unchanged.
In 4Hrs range, 5MA down-bent and approaching the declining 10MA, 20MA on descent. Candlestick was corrected to under 5MA with oscillation and black candle. MACD shows contraction on the positive column. KD sinking. Overall looking, a pullback outlook for NASDAQ after the surge performed before.
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