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Nasdaq Buying Strong-lowest forex commission

Risk Appetite Heats Up, Nasdaq Buying Strong

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Negotiations Between Ukraine And Russia Have Some Progress, Market Risk Appetite Has Increased, Nasdaq’s Continued In Bullish.
Operation Suggestions
The trend is beneficial in bullish, investors are suggesting to trade with buy order as a main operation suggestion, trade when the price around 14570, stop loss on 14340, take profit on 14820.
With nearly a month since the war in Eastern Europe, the recent intensive negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine’s president says he’s ready to discuss Ukraine’s pledge not to seek NATO membership in exchange for a ceasefire. The Russian side also revealed that although the negotiation is progressing slowly, there has been substantial progress, which makes the market risk appetite warmer. Although some FED officials have a more hawkish stance and believe that they may raise interest rates by 50 basis points at a time, there is no FED interest rate decision in April, which brings more flexibility to the market’s speculative sentiment. If there is no possibility of further expansion of the war in Eastern Europe, the rebound trend of the Nasdaq will have a high probability to continue.
Technical aspect
In the daily K-line chart, 5MA and 10MA up, the sub-indicator KD tends to be bull-sided. In the 4-hour K-line chart, 5MA and 10MA up, KD is biased towards the bullish side. In the 60minutes K-line chart, 5MA goes flat and 20MA up, KD is biased towards the bearish side. Short-term gains slowed down, and need to pay attention to the possibility of a technical fall, but the overall trend still in bullish market unchanged.
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