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NASDAQ Fell To The Ground-trusted trading apps malaysia

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The Fed Officials Made An Unexpected Statement, NASDAQ Fell To The Ground

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NASDAQ Continues To Tumble, How Do We Cope With The Trend?
Aggressors are recommended to consider going Bear under 14725, Take-Profit at 14522, Stop-Loss by 14803.
Non-Aggressors are advice to wait and see for the better entry.
The U.S. unseasonably adjusted annual rate of CPI in January made 7.5%, slightly higher than the forecast of 7.30%, and the inflation data set a record for U.S. inflation in the past 40 years.  Few days ago, St. Louis Fed President J.Bullard delivered a speech during the US stock market, regards to the need to have interest rate hiked by 100 basis points, hammered all US stocks to the ground. Apple, Microsoft, Google and other leading technology stocks led the freefall of the NASDAQ. Overall looking, we shall be aware of whether the development on the shorting momentum would persist to expand. Throughout observing, Investors can consider operating prone Short position as main idea for the best possible interest.
In 1Hr range, the candlestick has completed the doubled-top correction outlook, that favors to the operation apt Short position. KD down-trend, attracting Sellers to seek for the new entry. In short, a Bearish pattern with vacillations.
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