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Nasdaq Is Under Heavy Pressure-malaysia forex trading time

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The Market Is Full Of Wind And Rain, Nasdaq Is Under Heavy Pressure

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-The Market Is Full Of Wind And Rain, Nasdaq Is Under Heavy Pressure_Technical Analysis

U.S. 10-year yields touched 1.9%, as the highest level since December 2019.
Investors are recommended to consider marginal Short at market price, Target 14995, Stop-Loss by 15100.
A few days ago, U.S. President Biden held a press conference on the first anniversary of his presidency, detailing his political achievements since taking office, but he also acknowledged that the U.S. inflation and epidemic problems are serious, and the market continued to worry about rising U.S. bond yields and the Fed’s tightening monetary policy on Wednesday. The futures yield hit 1.9%, the highest level since December 2019. The spending bill of Biden administration is still stuck in the Senate. Overall, the market is filled with the mood that the storm is about to come, and the Nasdaq may remain volatile in the short term. trend.
In 60Mins range, (5,10,20)Tri-Mas tangles on low ground, MACD Shorting momemtum stable, KD gradually descends after the dead cross above 50. Therefore,Nasdaq short-term may remain weak,would suggest Investors to consider marginal Short.
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