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Oil Prices Nudges Down-malaysia forex trading time

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Russia-Ukraine Negotiations Active, Oil Prices Nudges Down

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Russia and Ukraine are actively negotiating, and the Iranian negotiation is also likely to resume. Oil supply is expected, and oil prices continue to fall, with a decline of more than 6%. In the same time, the spread of the global epidemic has hindered the recovery of crude oil demand, which may lead to an oversupply situation. In addition, API data shows that inventories have increased, various reasons have led to bearishness on the crude oil market. The Russian-Ukrainian geopolitical situation still brings instability to the market, the market continues to pay attention to the development of the Russia-Ukraine negotiation.
The trend of USOil can be paid attention to…
20:30 U.S. Retail Sales Index (MoM) (FEB)
22:30 U.S. EIA Crude Oil Inventories for the week ending 3/11
02:00 Fed Interest Rate Decision
20:30 U.S. Unemployment Claims for the week ending 3/12
Which will affect USOil trends, and investors must grasp the opportunity of making orders.
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