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Russia Had Lower The Market Risk Preference-lowest forex commission

Intensive Negotiations Between Ukraine-Russia Had Lower The Market Risk Preference

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Ukraine and Russia negotiated many times to seek consensus, the market held positive expectations, and the Nasdaq buyer returned.
Operation suggestion
Investors are suggested to bargain hunt around 14330, with Target 14520, Stop-Loss by 14160.
In recent days, Ukraine and Russia have been negotiating intensively and seeking consensus on a ceasefire. The Turkish foreign minister said in an interview on the 20th that Ukraine and Russia are close to agreement on key issues of the agreement, and some concerns are almost reached. And he believes that if the current progress continues, negotiations will be expected to achieve a ceasefire, which makes the market risk appetite gradually warmed up. In addition, after the Fed’s interest rate decision, the short-term reduction of the variables brought about by the issue of interest rate hikes prompted a return of buying. If the negotiation between Ukraine and Russia can make further progress in the near-term, the Nasdaq rally will continue.
The daily chart, 5MA up-crossed 20MA and the sub-indicator KD is rising. In the 4H chart, 5MA and 20MA are both upwards, KD is rising too. In the 60-minute chart, 5MA and 20MA are both upwards, KD is neutral. The rebound trend continues, and it’s likely to rise again.
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