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S&P500 Bottoms Out-lowest forex commission

Financial & Technology Stocks Sent Good News, S&P500 Bottoms Out

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lowest forex commission-HXFXglobal-Financial & Technology Stocks Sent Good News, S&P500 Bottoms Out_Technical Analysis

Microsoft’s Financial Report & Forecast Prevailed, After-Hours Turnaround Boosted Tech-Stocks and S&P500 To Bull
Aggressors are recommended to consider marignal Long after quotation corrected to 4310.125, Target 4412.875, Stop-Loss by 4258.750. Non-Aggressors are advice to await for better entry.
The SP500 fluctuated around 0.90% in early trading today. Yesterday, due to market concerns that the Fed would adopt more aggressive tightening policies, and the tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine continued to heat up, funds were withdrawn from the stock market and invested in the USD and Gold as a safe haven. The S&P500 rebounded weakly and ended with down by 2.31%. In early trading today, the S&P500 showed a volatile trend. In the market outlook, since the S&P500 fell from the ridge of 4808.125 on January 4 to the trough of 4213.375 on Monday, a plunge of more than 12.3%. Since the decline has been deep enough for S&P500, thereforem would forecast the short-term oversold situation could hold a chance to rebound. In addition, S&P500’s heavyweighted tech company, Microsoft, has published it’s revenue and profit forecast for Q2 of 2022 that better than market expectations, and it turned S&P500 from falling to rising after the market, boosting S&P500 to recoup some portion of it’s losses. Overall looking The rebounded and the uptrend for S&P500 remained unchanged.
In 4Hrs range, 5MA up-bent and golden-crossing the declining 10MA, 20MA on descend. Candlestick rebounded to near 10MA and vacillating. MACD shown expansion on positive column. KD climbing. In short, a swaying Bullish trend for  the near future for S&P500.
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