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TECH100 is affected in many ways-trusted trading apps malaysia

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The situation between Russia and Ukraine may obstruct their economic growth. TECH100 is affected in many ways.

trusted trading apps malaysia-HXFXglobal-The situation between Russia and Ukraine may obstruct their economic growth. TECH100 is affected in many ways_Technical Analysis

There is an ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine, the growth of economic might suppressed by the rising trend of the price. TECH100 might fluctuate and it leads to a bearish perspective.
Aggressors are recommended to consider marginal Short around the price of 13650, take profit at 13350, stop loss at 13750. Non-Aggressors are advised to wait for better entry.
The United States announced on Friday that non-farm payrolls in February were 678,000, it was better than what the market expected 403,000, and the previous value was 467,000. The unemployment rate fell from 4℅ to 3.8%, showing a strong recovery in the labor market, even though the market focused on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Market news pointed out that the two countries will be held a meeting again on the 7th, but the two countries did not reach a specific agreement in the last negotiation. They only reached an agreement on the establishment of a humanitarian channel for a temporary ceasefire, and the implementation was ineffective. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine may cause the prices of raw materials such as energy, metals, and agricultural products to continue to rise. It will causes a pressure to the TECH100.
In Day Chart. Below 5, 10, 20, and 60MA, the short-term is weak and oscillating. At the H4 Chart, the KD is dead fork down, the MACD negative column is increasing, the bearish perspective is increasing. It is suggested to operate with buy orders at low prices first and sell at high prices/close positions at high prices. Please do wait for the price to rebound, and place a sell order with a light position.
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