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TECH100 Returns To Glory-which online trading platform is best in malaysia

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Significant Progress Between Russia-Ukraine Talks, TECH100 Returns To Glory

which online trading platform is best in malaysia-HXFXglobal-Significant Progress Between Russia-Ukraine Talks, TECH100 Returns To Glory_Technical Analysis

There Was A Major Breakthrough In The Ceasefire Talks Between Russia And Ukraine In Turkey, The Market Risk Appetite Recovered.
【Operation Suggestions】
Investors can test to trade in a buy order with near the current price, target on 15320, stop loss on 15150.
There was a major breakthrough in the ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey on Tuesday. Ukraine proposed to become a neutral country and denuclearize in exchange for security guarantees and set up a 15-year consultation period on the Crimea issue. Russia announced a sharp reduction in military operations around the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and northern cities in order to increase mutual trust. Market risk appetite has picked up, so the probability of TECH100 maintains an upward trend in the short-term is high.
【Technical aspect】
In the 60minutes K-line chart, (5,10,20MA) three moving averages are in a bullish arrangement, MACD bearish strength weak, KD is operating at a high position in around 80. Looking at the above indicators, TECH100 maintains volatile to rise with a high probability in the short-term, investors are advised to trade with a buy order when the price callbacks.
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