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TECH100 The Crack Of Dawn-malaysia forex trading time

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Ukrainian-Russian Talks Are Progressing, TECH100 The Crack Of Dawn

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Ukrainian-Russian Talks Are Progressing, TECH100 The Crack Of Dawn_Technical Analysis

What can we know from TECH100’s shock and rebound in the day?
Non-Aggressors are advised to wait for better entry. Aggressors are recommended to consider marginal Long at 13315. Take profit 13813, and Stop loss 13143.
The Ukrainian-Russian talks continued on Tuesday. In addition to the territorial sovereignty issue and the Russian side still to be discussed, the two sides are making efforts in the direction of ceasefire to add rebound momentum to the Tech100. The U.S. PPI (Producer Price Index) monthly rate released value in February The record of 0.8% was slightly lower than the market expectation of 0.9%. The production side’s worries about the future inflation route decreased. The favorable information and data of the Ukraine-Russia talks were used as the bullish perspective. TECH100 are recommended to go long when the price is low.
【Technical 】
In H4 range, the trend probability of K-line quotations completes the double-bottom rebound pattern, which is favorable for bullish layout. The KD indicator moves up and bullish layout waits for the opportunity. The overall probability is a shock and rebound pattern.
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