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The Pressure Remains On TECH100-malaysia forex trading time

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Important News Tonight, The Pressure Remains On TECH100.

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TECH100 fluctuated and weak, what can we expect?
Non-Aggressors are advised to wait for better entry. Aggressors are recommended to consider marginal Short at the price of 13485. Take profit 13162 , and Stop loss 13591.
The Ukrainian-Russian war continues, and the United States is brewing the latest wave of sanctions against Russia. It has announced the cancellation of Russia’s status as a country with preferential tariffs. In the future, Russia will need to face trade sanctions and economic sanctions. International tensions continue to hit the TECH100.  Ukraine and Russia have agreed to start negotiations again at 16:30 on the evening of March 14th. This time, Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin will have a direct dialogue. Investors should pay attention to the progress of the negotiation time meeting. This week will have the Fed’s interest rate meeting, and the market expects that the hawkish line will also limit the TECH100’s rebound space. In the short-term, the TECH100 tend to be a bearish perspective.
In H4 chart, the trend of K-line quotations has previously completed the double-top callback pattern, which is favorable for the bearish perspective. The KD indicator moves down and the short side waits for the opportunity. The overall probability is a shock callback pattern.
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