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Trend Of TECH100 Frightened And Down-which online trading platform is best in malaysia

which online trading platform is best in malaysiaHXFXglobal reminds you:

Putin Strikes Back Again, Trend Of TECH100 Frightened And Down

which online trading platform is best in malaysia-HXFXglobal-Putin Strikes Back Again, Trend Of TECH100 Frightened And Down_Technical Analysis

TECH100 Shock And Callback, How To Interpret It In Today?
Operation Suggestions
Saneness investors can wait and see first. Radical investors can trade with a sell order in high position, take profit on 14703,stop loss when price over 15051.
The number of U.S. Initial Jobless Claims (10,000 people) on Thursday to March 26, the announced value was recorded at 20.2, higher than the market expectation of 19.7, the initial application data was not as expected, which caused TECH100 to pull back pressure. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that starting Friday, energy purchases from Russia must be settled in Rubles, otherwise it will be regarded as a default. The market faces a sudden economic counterattack and panic selling aggravates the decline of TECH100. In the short-term, TECH100 still can trade with sell order as a main operation suggesting.
Technical aspect
In the 1hour K-line chart, the trend of K-line quotations has previously completed a double-top callback pattern and beneficial for trading with sell orders in high position, KD indicator shocks at low position and bearish are re-waiting for the opportunity to intervene. The overall trend is to be a volatile and callback pattern.
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