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EU Sanctions Against, Trends of DJ30 Is In Shock

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EU Sanctions Against Russia Again, The Market Risk Aversion Is Heating Up, Trends Of DJ30 Is In Shock.
【Operation Suggestions】
Trends now was in volatile, investors are suggesting to trade with a buy order as the main operation suggestion, trade with buy order in around 34300, stop loss on 34140, take profit on 34610.
The war between Ukrainian and Russian entered the 27th day. Kremlin said that the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have not reached an agreement, which made the EU raise a new round of sanctions. S&P Global Ratings announced that it will withdraw the credit rating of all Russian entities. In addition, to the sanctions against the West, Russia also said that the relationship between the U.S. and Russia is on the verge of rupture, which has made the market risk aversion recover and suppressed the recent strong rise of the DJ30. However, there is still room for a turnaround in the negotiations, prompting the DJ30’s bullish and bearish positions to make their own statements and causing the trend to fluctuate. The development of the situation in Eastern Europe will be the key to whether there will be a breakthrough in the short term.
【Technical aspect】
In the daily K-line chart, 5MA and 10MA up, the sub-indicator KD tends to be bull-sided. In the 4-hour K-line chart, 5MA down and 20MA up, KD is biased towards the bearish side. In the 60minutes K-line chart, 5MA and 20MA down, KD indicator neutral. Short-term gains slowed down, maintaining a high-end shock trend.
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