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Trends Of EURUSD Are Under Pressure-malaysia forex trading time

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Inflation Data Will Be Released, Trends Of EURUSD Are Under Pressure

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U.S. CPI Data For March Will Be Released In Tonight, Trends Of EURUSD Are Under Pressure.
In the overall trend is weak, investors are suggesting to trade in a sell order as a main operation suggestion, trade in around 1.0885, stop loss at 1.0920, take profit at 1.0840.
Due to the Ukrainian and Russian war, western countries have continued to increase sanctions against Russia. Both sides have begun to expel diplomats as a means, and the EU intends to sanction Russian crude oil as a means of restraint, which makes the market risk aversion. In addition, the market is also worried about the performance of the U.S. CPI data this time. If the data performance is higher than expected, it may aggravate the FED’s tightening monetary policy, which has prompted the dollar to continue to rise. Under the double negative pressure, it is still difficult for EURUSD to perform in the short term.
In Daily range, both 5MA and 20MA are down, the sub-indicator KD tends to be bear-sided. In the 4-hour K-line chart, 5MA under 20MA, KD is biased towards the bearish side. In the 60minutes K-line chart, both 5MA and 20MA are down, KD neutral, trend in short-term is in bearish side, and in the whole of the trend is still not out of the shock pattern, it is expected to maintain a volatile in bearish trend.
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