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U.S. oil bow before bounces-lowest forex commission

Russia continues to invades Ukraine, U.S. oil bow before bounces

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malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Russia continues to invades Ukraine, U.S. oil bow before bounces_Technical Analysis

Russia’s military action has raised concerns about supply chain disruptions, which are beneficial to oil prices.
【Operation suggestion】
Investors can go long with light positions with current price, with Target 95.20 and  Stop-Loss by 94.00.
Although the latest EIA crude oil inventories rose by 4 million barrels more than expected, with the Russian army marching into Ukraine. The conflict is regarded as the largest military operation in Europe since World War II, causing market concerns about supply chain disruption, which is good for oil prices. Moreover, the dialogue between Russia and other countries has completely stopped, and the conflict may be difficult to ease in a short time, which will bring strong support to oil prices. Therefore, US oil is still recommended to go long in the short-term.
In the 60-minute level chart, (5,10,20MA) these three average lines tangled, MACD bearish strength is weak, and KD is running above 50. Combining the above indicators, US Oil is expected to stabilize and rise after rearrangement. Investors are suggested to go long with light positions when price pulls back.
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