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Uncertainties Of TECH100 Are Reducing-malaysia forex trading time

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Uncertainties Of TECH100 Are Reducing. What’s Next?

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Uncertainties Of TECH100 Are Reducing. What's Next?Technical Analysis

How to interpret the market when the TECH100 is fluctuating and rising?
Non-Aggressors are advised to wait for better entry. Aggressors are recommended to consider marginal Long at 13850. Take profit 14259, Stop loss at 13748.
The number of people applying for unemployment benefits in the United States in the week to March 12 (10,000 people) recorded a value of 21.4, which was lower than the market expectations of 22. The number of people who continued to apply for unemployment benefits last week (10,000 people) recorded a value of 141.9, which was lower than the expected 148.5. The decrease of people applying for unemployment benefits and continuing unemployment benefits revealed that the labor market is gradually improving, which is conducive to the development of multiple momentum to TECH100. The Philly Fed Manufacturing Index rose to 27.4 in March from 15.0 in February versus an expected decline. The good outlook of the construction industry has boosted the TECH100 to a bullish perspective. Bullish layout remains unchanged, and the main idea is to go long when the price is low.
【Technical 】
In the H4 range, the K-line quotation trend has previously completed a double-bottom rebound pattern, which is favorable for low-buy layout. The KD indicator moves upward and waits for the opportunity. The overall probability is a shock and rebound pattern.
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