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US CPI Incoming, How Would The Market Behave Today?

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XAUUSD Shown Rebound, How To We Take Advantage On The Trend?
Aggressors are recommended to consider Bargain-Hunt for Long position after the market price pulls back to near 1815, Take-Profit at 1828.55, Stop-Loss by 1808.80.
Non-Aggressors are advice to wait and see for better entry.
The Fed’s rate hike route has not hindered XAUUSD’s rebound momentum. Institutions believe that the US pandemic has not been effectively controlled and the recent cold wave in many places may possibly affect the recovery of the labor market. Therefore, it is speculated that the Fed’s original interest rate hike may not be as strong as it was imagined. This Thursday will announce that the annual rate of CPI in the United States for January. The previous value was 7% with the forecast of 7.2%. The prospect of inflation still provided the support on XAUUSD. Although XAUUSD do seems to start with rises and follow up with tendency to pull back in day, this may bring a new trend for the Longing parties to Bargain-Hunt, so the idea of longing XAUUSD inday remains unchanged, and would best to adopt Bargain-Hunt along the market for the best possible interest.
In 4Hrs range, the candlestick could possibly vacillates prone consolidation for the short-term. KD oscillating on high ground, providing Buyers to seek for re-enter opportunity. Overall a swaying layout for XAUUUSD.
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