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US Oil May Emerge The Pullback-trusted trading apps malaysia

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U.S.-Iran Nuke-Negotiation Made Progress, US Oil May Emerge The Pullback

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U.S. Gov Waives Some Sanctions On Civilian Nuclear Energy In Exchange For Iran’s Return To The Deal
Investors are recommended to consider marginal Short at market price, Target 90.70, Stop-Loss by 92.00.
According to media reports from last Friday, the US Government will allow companies to carry out non-weapon nuclear energy facilities projects in Iran, and is willing to waive some sanctions on civilian nuclear energy in exchange for Iran’s return to the nuclear energy agreement. As the Nuclear Negotiations pick up pace and lead Iranian crude oil returns to the market, it is expected to ease the current tension in the oil market, or bring pressure to suppress the oil prices. Investors can consider testing short-term Short positions for the time being. However, as the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is still tense, therefore, would advise investors not to set the target too low.
In 4Hrs range, (5,10,20)Tri-MAs progressively flattens. MACD holds mild and solid Shorting momentum. KD cruises under 50. In brief, US Oil may encounter the correction in short-term, hence, would suggest Investors to consider testing the outlook with marginal Short position(s) with precautions.
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