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US Oil May Face A Correction In Short-Term-lowest forex commission

U.S.-Iran Talks Went Well, US Oil May Face A Correction In Short-Term

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U.S. & Iran Nuke-Talks In Vienna Progressed Smoothly, Bringing Bear To The Oil Prices.
Investors are recommended to consider marginal Short at market price, Target 88.50, Stop-Loss by 90.20.
A few days ago, the nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran in Vienna has progressed on great path. If the sanctions against Iran are lifted in the future, the global crude oil supply is expected to increase by 1 million barrels per day this year, and Iran will use its inventory to return to the international market as soon as possible, which will bring negative impact for the oil price outlook. On the other hand, Russian President V.Putin agreed to hold a summit on the Ukrainian crisis, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine seems to be relenting. Looking at the above factors, U.S. Oil is expected to stabilize and pull back in the short-term.
In 4Hrs range, (5,10,20)Tri-MAs tends to flatten. MACD’s Longing momentum progressively reduced. KD death-crossed on top of 50. In brief, US Oil would most likely to face a swaying correction trend in the near future, yet would be a great chance for investors to consider marginal Short for the best possible interest.
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