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US Oil Might Face The Suppression-malaysia forex trading time

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Oil Market Supply Worries Eased, US Oil Might Face The Suppression

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Oil Market Supply Worries Eased, US Oil Might Face The Suppression_Technical Analysis

The fourth round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine has started, and Russia has reiterated that the supply remains stable, and US oil may fluctuate and fall.
Operation suggestion
Radicals can be marginal short at 107.6, Target 103.6, and Stop-Loss by 109.6.
Russia and Ukraine confirmed that the fourth round of talks will be held by videoconference on the 14th, after Russian negotiators claimed that the negotiations had made significant progress, saying that the two delegations may reach a draft agreement soon. In addition, the Ukrainian president also actively spoke to the outside world, hoping to meet with the Russian president. In the short term, there may be further progress in the negotiations, and oil prices are under pressure. In addition, the Russian President reiterated that Russia will fulfill its energy supply obligations in Europe and other countries, and emphasized that even if it is sanctioned, it can find enough buyers. He also revealed that it is developing energy cooperation with India, the world’s second largest importer, and will increase supply to India in the future, alleviating concerns about insufficient supply in the oil market. US oil might face the suppression.
Day K closed higher, below 5, 10MA, above 20, 60MA, and the short-term is a shock pattern. 2H level K line, KD moving downward after dead crossed, the MACD positive column decreasing, bullish energy weakened. It is recommended to margin short when the price rebound.
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