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US Stocks Encountering Plummets, Would NASDAQ Able To Withstand The Impact?

trusted trading apps malaysia-HXFXglobal-US Stocks Encountering Plummets, Would NASDAQ Able To Withstand The Impact?Technical Analysis

These Factors Exerted Together, Sellers In NASDAQ Menacing
Aggressors are recommended to consider High-Throw for Short position if the market price do rebounded to around 15670, Take-Profit at 15492, Stop-Loss by 15757.
Non-Aggressors are advice to the trend to stabilized, then enter at more secure entry.
US Dec NonFarm Payroll recorded with only 19.9, the result has not only far from fulfilling the forecast of 40.0, but also decreased from the previous of 21.0. This indicates the employment market in US is still within the lack of supply in labor forces. And the market is placing their focus on Tuesday’s proclamation from J.Powell, Chair of FED, and Wednesday’s US Consumer Price Index(CPI), the inflation related data. In case if the inflation continues to interfere the economic recovery, would FED been forced to raise their interest by March has became the focal point of the market. From the short-term outlook would suggest Investors to overlook the trend then enter after the pattern stabilized, but if Aggressors are interested to place on the odd, then would recommend operation apt Short position for main concept.
In 1Hr range, the candlestick declines along the Bollinger Median Band with oscillations prone Bearish layout. KD downtrend, attracting Sellers to seek for best entry. Overall looking, a swaying Bearish prospect for NASDAQ for the near future.
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