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USOil bullish-which online trading platform is best in malaysia

OPEC may continue to increase production, USOil bullish.

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Although research in the United Kingdom shows that the hospitalization risk caused by Omicron is one-third of Delta, which is milder than Delta, the spread of Omicron in many countries has caused countries to implement restrictions and raise investor concerns. If the restrictions continue, it may suppress the recovery of crude oil demand. This week’s epidemic and OPEC+ will discuss on Tuesday whether to continue its production increase plan, which will become important factors affecting the rise and fall of oil prices. If OPEC+ continues to increase production, oil prices may rise.

The trend of USOil can be paid attention to the ministerial meeting of OPEC+ on Tuesday (1/4), API crude oil inventory data and EIA crude oil inventory data on Wednesday (1/5), which will affect crude oil trends, and investors must grasp the timing of placing orders.

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