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Data Shows Rising Prices, USOil Bulls May Keep Roars

Indicators Record Positive, USoil Maintains Stability And Rises Probability【Strategy】
Aggressors could consider to Bargain-Hunt on US Oil when the market price pulls back to around 75.35, Take-Profit at 78.87, Stop-Loss by 74. Non-Aggressors are advice to await for better entry.
US EIA crude oil inventories (10,000 barrels) to December 24 recorded -357.6, which was lower than market expectations -314.3, and EIA gasoline inventories (10,000 barrels) recorded -145.8, which was lower than market expectations 48.7, superimposed on API crude inventories last week (10,000 barrels) recorded -309.1, maintains a negative inventory status, and the daily negative 3 million barrels of inventory de-chemical data has brought support to the trend of USoil. The overall good data continues to increase the rebound momentum of USoil. Investors could wait for the stability in the short-term and consider Longing USoil for the best possible interest.
In 4Hrs range, the candlestick could potentially complete the multi-bottom tendency that favors to the Bargain-Hunting layout. KD uptrend, attracting Buyers to search for best entry . In short, a swaying outlook apt rebound for US Oil for now.

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