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Usoil May Rise With Fluctuation-malaysia forex trading time

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Return Of Rise Aversion, Usoil May Rise With Fluctuation.

malaysia forex trading time-HXFXglobal-Return Of Rise Aversion, Usoil May Rise With Fluctuation_Technical Analysis

Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia come to a deadlock, and USoil prices rose again due to safe-haven demand.
The trend is favorable for bullish layout at the moment. Investors are recommended consider marginal Long around 100.02. With Target 103.10, and Stop loss at 98.40.
Russia’s crude and natural gas production fell sharply to the lowest level since July 2020 as sanctions hampered trade. OPEC also mentioned that sanctions on Russia could cause the worst crude oil supply shock on record and that the production gap cannot be filled yet. In addition, Putin also said that the negotiations with Ukraine are deadlocked, and vowed to achieve all goals in Ukraine, which may increase the sanctions imposed by Western countries. A number of bullish news have boosted the trend of crude oil prices.
In D1 range, 5MA and 20MA are both upwards, KD is bullish. In the H4 range, 5MA, 20MA are both upwards, KD is bullish. In the H1 range, 5MA is down and 20MA is upwards, KD is bearish. Although the short-term rise slows down, but chances of rebounds remain still. The overall probability is bullish and would push higher.
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Disclaimer: Information above can only be use for references and doesn’t represent our platform’s opinions.

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