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Tensions Between Russia And Ukraine Are Expected To Ease, USOIL May Slumped

trusted trading apps malaysia-HXFXglobal-Tensions Between Russia And Ukraine Are Expected To Ease, USOIL May Slumped_Technical Analysis

U.S. Wants To Ease Sanctions On Venezuela In Exchange For Importing Venezuelan Oil, Bearish For USOIL
Saneness investors can wait and see first, radical investors are suggesting to trade with a sell order in light position when the price higher than 111.820, target on 107.030, stop loss on 114.250.
During today’s Asian session, USOIL fell around -0.50% and shock. As Ukrainian President Zelensky softened his attitude yesterday, he considered compromise to end the war with Russia, tensions between Russia and Ukraine are expected to ease, and worries about the interruption of crude oil supply ease. Coupled with the UAE’s call for OPEC+ to accelerate production increases, concerns about tight crude oil supply have cooled, and USOIL plummeted 12.15% to close. In the future, because the EU did not follow U.S. and UK to impose sanctions on Russia to prohibit the import of Russian energy products, Europe was able to avoid the risk of an energy crisis, bearish for USOIL. Superimposed that U.S. wants to ease sanctions on Venezuela in exchange for importing Venezuelan oil, worries about crude oil supply shortages have eased, USOIL is easy to fall and difficult to rise, and downside risks increase.
In the 4-hour K-line chart, 5, 10, 20MA down and arrange in bearish. The K-line fell below the three moving averages and oscillated as a cross in negative line. MACD histogram increases in a negative value, KD indicator down.  The trend in short term is a volatile and bearish market.
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