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What are the characteristics of a successful investor?

Investment success has a lot to do with personal opportunities, but more importantly, it is determined by the investor’s own characteristics, especially personality and accomplishments.

So, what are the characteristics of being a successful investor?


Investors must be rational and have an objective attitude towards the market and investment activities. Investors’ investment activities should be handled wisely, rather than controlled by personal wishes and emotions. Maintaining rationality and comprehensively restricting investment behavior are interrelated and inseparable.


Quite a few investors lack self-confidence. They often express doubts about their own judgments. They cannot insist on their own opinions in the changing market. They are easily misled by news and bad suggestions. Self-confidence enables investors to trade in accordance with their established trading strategies, instead of being easily confused by superficial phenomena and gossip.


Quite a lot of investors lack patience and show anxiety and irritability in investment activities, so it is difficult to trade according to the market’s movement trend, which brings great losses to themselves. It takes time to verify whether the investment decision is correct. Investors should not rush for success or quick success. Therefore, patience is an essential quality for investors.

Strict style

Quite a lot of investors lack rigorous work style and organization, so they make some mistakes that shouldn’t be made due to carelessness. A rigorous style can prevent investors from making mistakes that shouldn’t be made, such as making wrong instructions, forgetting an important matter, etc.


Investors who lack self-control tend to trade in violation of their investment plans and engage in dangerous behaviors such as over-trading. Investors who lack self-control often show anxiety, tension, and impulsivity in investment activities, and thus make decisions that are not in line with investment strategies under the temptation of market pressure and profits. A very important point in the process is to avoid over-trading. An upper limit shall be established for the total transaction volume of each trading account and this limit shall not be exceeded under any circumstances. In futures trading, investors can also limit the risk of each transaction to a certain percentage of the margin.

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