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What is HXFX Global? Is it reliable to trade in HXFX Global?

What is HXFX Global?

HXFX Global has more than 10 years of experience in investment services. It has always been “providing customers with first-class CFD trading experience” as its purpose, constantly innovating and upgrading, and serving as a trustworthy and safe platform for global investors.

HXFX Global has served over 5 million customers, with a transaction volume of nearly 40 billion, and has provided nearly 40 million bonuses to customers to help them meet their trading goals.

Is HXFX Global a Scam?

The reputation of the exchange is always a top concern for investors. If the exchange is not reputable, it could be a severe fatal setback for the exchange and investors may be discouraged from investing their money.

Supervision of International Financial Institutions

The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission is one of the global offshore financial center regulators under the jurisdiction of the Vanuatu government. Starting in 2019, VSFC requires each director of a licensed company to have more than five years of securities trading experience. The company manager or director must live in Vanuatu for six months yearly. At the same time, the regulator requires the “overseas responsible person” to submit their information to the regulator and to work locally in Vanuatu. Therefore, if something happens to the company, the law of Vanuatu can directly pursue the legal responsibility of the specific person in charge, which greatly reduces the hidden worries of involuntary bankruptcy.

In addition to the compliance license ( No. 40453) issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and being strictly regulated by it, HXFX Global is also certified by NFA financial institutions. NFA is a self-regulatory organization for the futures industry that aims to protect traders’ and investors’ rights. Investors may file a complaint to NFA and apply for arbitration, which is enforceable. Investors could obtain compensation through arbitration as well.

What else does HXFX have in place for the safety of customers’ transactions besides licence and regulation?

Funds Are Held In Segregation

To ensure a high level of security for client funds, HXFX Global keeps all client funds in separate major banks and completely segregation from the company’s operating funds. It means your funds are still yours, and HXFX Global will not use them for company operations or any investment, ensuring that customers’ funds are always isolated from risks.

High-Profile Insurance Protection

HXFX Global purchases top-tier indemnity insurance for its clients, providing enhanced and comprehensive protection for their funds. With industry-leading fund security insurance, customers can trade without worries!
Safe and Convenient Access To Funds
Aside from providing multiple, secure, convenient, and localized fund access channels for our global customers, HXFX Global is constantly improving the speed and accuracy of its automated processes, scrutinizing each incoming and outgoing fund to make trading easier and more time-efficient for traders. If any questions occur, there is also a 24/5 customer service to provide a one-stop service to assist customers in completing deposits and withdrawals.

Information Encryption Protection

HXFX Global uses advanced encrypted transmission and dynamic encryption passwords to protect customer information by automatically encrypting data when customers access their funds and personal information.HXFX Global keeps the personal information provided by our customers strictly confidential. Without the customer’s consent, HXFX Global will never disclose the customer’s personal information, account information, and transaction information to any third-party company, organization, or individual.

Professional Data Maintenance

HXFX Global has a professional technical team that uses the industry’s most advanced and stable data encryption technology to protect our customers’ data regarding software construction, trade orders, and privacy management.
Each historical quotation is readily available at any time in the back office. A unique quotation serial number is assigned to each pricing sequence and displayed on every completed order.

Non-stop Positive Feedbacks From Users

If you’re still uncertain about HXFX Global, click here to see the positive feedback from other customers. HXFX Global’s all-round innovative upgrade aims to provide users with a more friendly experience, which is why a majority of users rate HXFX Global highly.

Experience the trustworthy HXFX Global now

To see is to believe; try the app for yourself! Join HXFX Global now and enjoy $100 free investment funds without depositing! You could withdraw your profits. In addition, just with a little amount of deposit, you can join the new customer event and win a 100% reward! Low threshold! Just open an account, and the trial bonus will be credited into your account immediately! It’s free anyway, so why not give it a try?

How to trade on HXFX?

1. First, click here to register an HXFX account for free.
2. Next, download the APP and log in to complete the real-name authentication.
3. Contact customer service to receive your exclusive free trial bonus.
4. Click “Quote”, select the product you want to trade, then click “Trade”. Then you can click “Sell” or “Buy” to start your trading according to the trends.

5 advantages of foreign exchange trading

1. Leverage system
Investing a small amount of money will bring greater benefits, but may also bring greater risk of loss.
2. Low transaction costs
There are basically no handling fees, government taxes, etc.
3. Two-way transaction
Whether you are buying first and then selling in a bullish trend, or selling first and then buying in a bearish trend, you can get profit.
4. 24 hours trading
It is available in 24 Hours, investors can trade according to their own time.
5. High liquidity
In the foreign exchange market, investors could exchange foreign currency at any time, even complete their transactions in a short time.

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